Month: January 2016

Rock Climbing: The All-In-One Workout

Consider going rock climbing this summer while the weather’s still warm. Rock climbing is gaining in popularity with more than 9 million current active rock climbers in the U.S. alone. It’s a holistically superior alternative to aerobic exercise due to its efficient calorie-burning, strength-building, and social bonding benefits. It also sharpens your mind while you exercise. Unbeknown to many, rock climbing is an entry-level activity – physically fit or not, anyone can start doing it! Rock climbing doesn’t require superior upper body strength. Surprisingly, a sharp mind is far more necessary than buff upper arms. Your decisive footholds and...

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4 Healthy Foods That Are Also Antibiotics

Medicinal antibiotics are often expensive and have potentially harmful side effects. If you have a mild bacterial, fungal, or viral infection try taking some natural pathogen-fighting foods first before seeing your doctor. Many healthy foods have antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. They’ve been used in traditional medicine to treat assortments of illnesses and current medical research proves their pathogen-fighting efficacy. If you have a mild infection try taking these foods: 1. Vinegar Vinegar’s acetic acid kills bacteria, fungi, and even some viruses. Use it as a disinfectant by applying it to wounds. Dilute vinegar with water and drink it...

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Welcome to Med Health News!

We are pleased to announce the official opening of Med Health News! We strive to provide you with comprehensive, professional information regarding the betterment of your health. Our focus is on natural ways to be healthier, backed by trustworthy scientific and medical experts. Although our goal is to raise awareness about improving health and curing diseases naturally without synthetic drugs, we’ll never write articles condoning “hocus pocus” cures that haven’t been properly proven by...

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Hate Fish? No Problem, Eat a Cup of Walnuts Instead!

If you’re trying out a vegetarian diet to lose weight, you’re probably worried about meeting your daily protein requirements. Nut milks are a popular protein source for vegetarians. However, walnuts stand out amongst other nuts due to their omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 fatty acids raise your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol. They also decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease by 40 percent and lower your risk for cancer. These essential fats also prevent Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and retinal degeneration. For children, omega-3 fatty acids significantly support eye and brain development; 9-month-old infants experienced significant increases in problem-solving...

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Happy New Year

From all of us at Med Health News — We wish you a happy 2016! We hope you continue in good health and high spirits. We’ll strive to bring you the latest health news to enrich your lifestyle and lengthen your...

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