Month: June 2017

How Standing on the Earth a Few Minutes a Day Can Help Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Have you started earthing yet? It’s easy to do and has been proven to offer health benefits to your whole body. Scientists have even found that stepping on natural ground connected to the Earth can help treat diabetes mellitus. Earthing is when you make physical contact with natural earth or ground that’s connected to the Earth with no electrical insulation in-between. That means stepping on the grass with sneakers on won’t cut it because the rubber soles are insulators. But standing barefoot on the shore at the beach is one way to practice earthing. When you practice earthing, electrons...

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How Meditating Daily Can Help Treat Diabetes Mellitus

Researchers found that meditation can help lower blood sugar levels. Meditation can also help treat diabetes mellitus in other ways. Meditation Is a Healthy Activity, Not Just a Religious Ceremony Meditation should be an integral part of everyone’s lives. It’s not just an activity that religious monks do at a temple. Meditation has shown to improve your cognition and attention. Researchers found that meditating regularly lengthens your DNA’s telomeres, which are responsible for preventing aging by keeping your DNA safe from deterioration when your cells multiply. It’s also been found to boost your immunity. They found that people who...

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Can Losing Weight Permanently Reverse Diabetes Mellitus Type 2?

Scientists may have found a way to permanently reverse diabetes mellitus type 2. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because the catch is something you probably will find difficult doing. But even if you can’t go through the treatment, there’s still hope – losing weight may also permanently reverse diabetes mellitus type 2. Doctors have always said that diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition – and your doctor must have given you that speech too. But a UK study may have changed that – researchers reported they were able to completely reverse diabetes mellitus type 2...

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New Wristwatch-like Device for Diabetes Mellitus Patients Can Measure Your Blood Sugar Levels Without Drawing Your Blood

If you’re suffering from diabetes mellitus, here’s some great news – researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas have bioengineered a device that goes on your wrist and can monitor your blood sugar levels without taking your blood. Diabetes mellitus affects about 29 million U.S. residents, but an estimated 8 million more people in the U.S. have diabetes but haven’t been diagnosed. It’s a disease of serious concern because it can lead to many fatal and debilitating conditions, while also being difficult to manage daily. The good news is that bioengineers from the University of Texas at Dallas...

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3 Natural Remedies You Can Use to Help Prevent Lyme Disease This Summer

Summer is in full swing and you should be taking advantage of all nature has to offer. But be mindful of ticks when going outdoors because they can give you Lyme Disease. Recently, their threat is greater due to their increased numbers in certain parts of the United States. Here are some natural ways to help keep ticks away from you. The weather’s warm and the sun’s bright rays shine for longer periods throughout the day – not many can resist stepping outside for a nice summer’s walk, jog, or hike. Don’t resist those urges because they’re good for...

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