It’s time to show how much you appreciate your mom this Sunday! If you’re still choosing a Mother’s Day present, here are some healthier options.

Showing your love for your mom on Mother’s Day means different things for different people. Some treat their moms out to dinner while others simply send flowers through the mail. Other people show their appreciation to the fullest by treating the day just like a birthday – they throw a party and buy their mom a real present.

Whether it’s a casual or a special present, here are healthy choices you can give your mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Provence Roses

The Provence rose (Rose de Mai) is a beautiful red-pink rose. Its sweet fragrance is made up of healing compounds that have been found to lower pain and inflammation. Because of these healing properties, these flowers are used in most essential oils. Of course, these benefits are stronger if you inhale the flower’s concentrated essential oil, but the natural flowers themselves will fill the surrounding air with a lovely, healing scent.

2. Lavender

Lavender is pretty common in most flower bouquets. These calming magenta flowers provide a nice, soft contrast to the vibrant reds and whites of other flowers. These beautifully cone-shaped flowers also release healing scents that have been found to relieve anxiety and boost memory. They also have been found to treat Alzheimer’s and lower inflammation in your nervous system. But these neuroprotective effects are strongest when inhaling the concentrated essential oil form.

3. Assorted Raw Nuts

Nuts are a clean source of protein. They’re considered superfoods because they’re antioxidant-rich and rich in many minerals and vitamins. And if that’s not good enough for you – they’re also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids! Here are a few of the best ones you can buy your mom:

Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which your body needs to make vital antioxidant enzymes. Selenium also cancels out any mercury in your system from eating fish or environmental exposure. But you can only eat up to four or five a day or you might risk selenium poisoning.

Walnuts. Walnuts are renowned for their omega-3 fatty acids content. Vegans often substitute fish for walnuts as their source for these fish oils. They’re also rich in manganese and copper, which are two other rare minerals your body needs.

Almonds. Almonds are protein-rich and most prefer their melt-in-your-mouth flavor to walnuts. Although almonds offer more nutritional value than meats and other foods, they’re subpar when compared to other nuts’ nutritional content. One serving also only offers about 5 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids. But almonds do shine through when it comes to vitamin E – one serving meets 125 percent of your daily required intake.

If you snack on these nuts with some veggies, researchers found you’ll absorb more of the vegetables’ carotenoids because consuming fats with these disease-preventing antioxidants improves their absorption in your gut.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has high cocoa content, which has a wealth of benefits. Researchers found that regularly enjoying dark chocolate lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease by 5.4 percent. It’s also been found to help you lose weight if you eat it five times every week. Best of all, eating dark chocolate boosts your brain power for up to three hours and gives you an exhilarating high.

5. Earthing Shoes

If you’re the kind that treats Mother’s Day the same as your mom’s birthday, then you can gift her earthing shoes instead of expensive high heels that are bad for her foot and back health.

As the name implies, earthing is when you stand on the earth. The earth has to be connected to the ground with nothing blocking it off in-between. For example, standing on soil in the middle of your living room isn’t earthing, but standing on your lawn’s grass works as long as your whole lawn isn’t encased by an artificial barrier in the ground below.

Researchers found that when you earth, the Earth’s natural electrons flow into your body and neutralize any disease-causing free radicals. They also found that earthing regularly lowers overall inflammation and boosts wound healing significantly by neutralizing free radicals that harm your tissues and slow healing. Studies also show that earthing regularly improves your sleep quality, helps relieve anxiety by normalizing your nervous system, and also lowers any overall pain. Participants also experienced lower overall blood pressure when instructed to earth regularly.

To confirm the phenomenon, they attached electrodes to runners who ran barefoot and those who ran with sneakers on. The barefoot runners had a lower overall charge than those who wore rubber sneakers. Since most footwear have rubber soles, it insulates your body from the Earth’s healing electrons.

Doctors don’t advise walking barefoot outdoors because there are parasites that can enter through your soles’ pores. Sharp rocks and other protruding debris can also cut your feet’s skin. But wearing shoes that don’t block the flow of electrons allows you to earth safely while running or enjoying a walk outdoors. You can buy special earthing shoes, which can be pricey. You can also choose footwear that are made of material that don’t insulate electricity (like wood and cloth).

This Mother’s Day choose one of these presents to show your mom your appreciation while boosting her health at the same time. These will help keep her heart, brain, and the rest of her body healthy!