Have you started earthing yet? It’s easy to do and has been proven to offer health benefits to your whole body. Scientists have even found that stepping on natural ground connected to the Earth can help treat diabetes mellitus.

Earthing is when you make physical contact with natural earth or ground that’s connected to the Earth with no electrical insulation in-between. That means stepping on the grass with sneakers on won’t cut it because the rubber soles are insulators. But standing barefoot on the shore at the beach is one way to practice earthing.

When you practice earthing, electrons from the Earth enter your body and neutralize harmful free radicals, which are more abundant in people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Researchers have proven that regularly practicing earthing speeds up wound healing and improves your sleep quality.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, earthing has also been found to lower your overall pain.

How Earthing Helps Treat Diabetes Mellitus

If you’re already skeptical about how standing on the ground can heal your body, you’re probably not even considering practicing earthing as a treatment for your diabetes mellitus. But doctors have found that such a simple and natural act can do wonders for your condition.

Earthing has been found to lower your overall inflammation, which is elevated by diabetes mellitus. This helps prevent atherosclerosis caused by diabetes mellitus complications. It also lowers your risk for developing cancer and other diseases caused by chronic inflammation.

Earthing has been found to regulate your nervous system, which relieves anxiety and lowers stress levels. This lowers your cortisol levels, which lowers your cells’ insulin resistance.

Researchers have also found that earthing directly lowers blood sugar levels. They also found that earthing lowers blood viscosity caused by elevated blood sugar levels. Thicker blood increases your risk for a cardiovascular event, like a blockage. Less viscous blood means your risk for heart disease is lower.

Safer and Easier Ways to Practice Earthing

Standing barefoot on bare ground can carry risks. There are parasites that can enter through the soles of your feet, depending on where you’re planning on practicing earthing. The ground can also be polluted with toxins from artificial fertilizer, pesticides, and other pollutants. But there are ways you can get the Earth’s healing electrons without increasing your risk for coming into contact with these hazards:

Wear socks, earthing shoes, or full-metal footwear. Wearing protective footwear can still allow you to practice earthing as long as it allows electric conductivity. Cloth still allows the passage of electrons, but at a hindered rate. Full-metal footwear will allow full conductivity without any loss in electron flow. You can also buy specialty earthing shoes that are made for earthing.

You can use your hands too! Earthing isn’t just about stepping on the ground – you can practice earthing with any part of your body. For example, placing your hand on a boulder or natural rock formation will pass Earth’s electrons from them into your hand.

Use earthing bands. You can also buy earthing bands that allow you to practice earthing indoors. One band goes on your wrist and it’s connected to a cord that plugs into the grounding prong of an electrical outlet. The grounding prong is connected directly to the ground, so the cord allows the flow of electrons from the Earth through the grounding prong and into the earthing band.

Start practicing earthing today to lower your blood sugar levels and treat and protect you from other symptoms and complications of diabetes mellitus. It’s as simple as stepping outside and standing on the ground! You can also buy earthing bands and earthing shoes for easier earthing.