Guava juice has been used traditionally to help with fertility issues. But does it really help? The evidence seems to point toward guava juice boosting fertility in both men and women. Here is what you should consider before trying out this remedy:

Guava Juice and Women’s Fertility

Researchers found that folate is important to both male and female fertility. In one assisted fertility study, the group of women who took the highest amount of folate daily experienced up to a 20 percent increase in successful births compared with the other groups.

Folate is abundant in guava juice. If you juice one cup of guavas, you’ll get 20 percent of your daily folate requirements. One glass of guava juice should use more than a few cups of guavas, which means drinking that glass gives you a bountiful amount of folate.

Guava Juice and Men’s Fertility

Scientists found that men with idiopathic male factor infertility produced more abnormal sperm that generated more free radicals. These sperm-generated free radicals damage the source and nearby sperm’s cell membranes, DNA, and other cell structures. This causes these sperm to die faster and swim slower, which lowers their likelihood of reaching the egg before expiring.

They also found that lycopene is one of the best carotenoid antioxidants for fighting free radicals. Lycopene levels and fertility decline with age, but lycopene levels are markedly lower in men with idiopathic male factor infertility.

They wanted to see if boosting lycopene intake would have an effect on male infertility. They found that giving patients with idiopathic male factor infertility a daily lycopene supplement increased their sperm counts by about 70 percent.

Like tomato juice, guava juice is filled with lycopene. Lycopene is significantly responsible for giving guava juice its reddish pigment. When researchers gave rats a guava leaf extract, their sperm counts significantly increased.

From all this evidence, it’s very probable that drinking guava juice will boost male fertility.

Best Ways to Boost Your Fertility With Guava Juice

You might dread drinking multiple servings of guava juice – after all, it’s a fruit juice. You’ve probably heard doctors warn that drinking too much fruit juice is a factor in childhood diabetes, which means it must be loaded with sugar. But guava juice has significantly less carbs than most sugary fruit juices. For example, it has half the calories of orange juice and only a fifth of the calories of coconut juice. But these calorie comparisons only hold true if equal amounts of guava are used compared to the alternative fruit juice.

That means that you shouldn’t feel too guilty about drinking more than one glass of guava juice because it’s like drinking only one glass of orange juice.

But if you’re not into fruit juices, then you can try enjoying guava leaf tea, which also holds the same fertility-boosting benefits. Teas are warm and soothing, and that can make drinking more than one cup easier to do.

Drink guava juice for fertility. Its folate content boosts female fertility, while its lycopene content boosts male fertility. But for faster and better results, it’s probably best to ask your doctor if lycopene supplements are something you can supplement with your fertility treatment.