Month: November 2016

Protein Powder Profiles: Which Protein Powders Help You Lose The Most Weight?

You probably think that protein powders are just for body builders right? Nope! In fact, doctors found that they’re great for losing weight. In studies, participants who took whey protein had lower insulin and glucose levels and boosted muscle growth. High insulin and glucose levels are signs of insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), so it seems whey protein can help protect or delay development of diabetes. This also means that whey protein may boost your glucose metabolism, since researchers found less sugar in the participants’ bloodstreams. The good news is, researchers also found that it doesn’t seem to matter what kind...

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4 Healthy Cavity-fighting Snacks

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – it seems like all major holidays have one thing in common: eating a lot. This is especially true for Halloween, which is more popular for children and young adults. But researchers found that children are at greater risk of getting cavities, which is the most common infection of early childhood. You don’t have to ruin your kids’ fun. If you take their treats away or tell them to stop eating the cake, you’ll dampen the holiday spirits and have your loved ones spite you. As a good parent, you should be...

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