Month: April 2017

Cellphones Have Been Officially Recognized as Causing Brain Cancer: Here Are Some Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

In Italy, a court made a decision that might prove medically noteworthy. They found that a man’s brain tumor was caused by cellphone usage. It’s difficult not to use a cellphone in this modern era, so here are ways to help lower your risks for developing cancer. Cellphone Use Legally Linked With Causing Brain Cancer Robert Romero was required to use his cellphone for three hours daily for 15 years while working for Telecom Italia. He developed a brain tumor and the court found that it was caused by his cellphone usage. He was awarded about $7,500 per year...

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Can This Blood Test Detect Cancer a Year Earlier Than Normal Tests?

Scientists invented a new blood test that can detect whether a cancer is recurring a whole year before any current mainstream tests can detect. In general, blood tests are non-invasive, cheaper, and easier to get done. This new method could prove to be an ideal first line of defense for cancer patients. If you’ve survived a form of cancer, this new research is great news for you! Researchers have invented a new blood test that can detect your cancer from recurring 365 days before X-rays, CT scans, and other current mainstream diagnostics. Depending on your form of cancer, recurrence...

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Professor Invents a Method for Artificial Photosynthesis That Could Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Trees and other plant life boost the overall oxygen in the environment, while also clearing the air of carbon dioxide pollution. But growing trees can take years, and isn’t feasible in high-population urban areas. But what if your roof was equipped with special materials that could convert carbon dioxide into electricity? Cities Are Major Sources of Carbon Dioxide Last fall, researchers gloomily declared that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have now surpassed 400 parts per million. They say carbon dioxide levels will only continue to rise as society becomes increasingly industrialized. These record-highs for CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere only echo...

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Can a Caterpillar Help Solve Environmental Recycling Problems?

A hobby beekeeper in Spain mistakenly stumbled upon a big win for environmentalists. Scientists are now eagerly studying her find and its wonderful applications for saving the environment. In Spain, a hobby beekeeper was tending to her beehives when she saw some loitering caterpillars that were eating the beeswax, some cocoons, and shed bee skins. You may be more familiar with their common name – waxworms – which are known to infest beehives. These particular ones are Galleria mellonella, the greater wax moth. She promptly extracted the pests into plastic bags. But to her surprise the waxworms rapidly made...

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Doctors Now Think Drinking Diet Soda Can Cause Dementia and Stroke

Do you think it’s healthier to drink diet soda? Doctors say that may not be the case. They actually found that drinking diet soda can increase your risk for certain diseases that sugar-sweetened drinks don’t! The Hidden Dangers of Sugary Drinks That commercial-colored, fun label on that can in the vending machine might look appealing and friendly to drink because of the company endorsement. But it’s giving you a false sense of security – that multi-colored can’s contents can be just as deadly as eating a fatty steak. New research finds that 184,000 adults around the world die from...

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