Month: May 2017

Why Eating Sushi Can Be Dangerous and What You Can Do About It

Eating sushi is one favorite pastime shared across the globe. It’s a unique cuisine originating from Japan and widely adopted by establishments in almost every country. But there are some dangers you may be putting yourself through when you dine on raw fish. Sushi is a significant part of most modern cultures. In fact, some surveys show that only 32 percent of people living in the U.S. have never eaten sushi. But most sushi contains raw fish, which can share the same health concerns as raw meat. Like raw meat, raw fish can be contaminated with parasites. In fact,...

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Scientists Discover That Which City You Live in Can Increase Your Risk for Developing Cancer

A review of cancer statistics from extensive sources reveals that places with poorer environmental quality can put you at greater risk for developing cancer. The urban life attracts many with prospects of higher incomes, busier lives, cutting-edge technology and fashion, and a more diverse, fun environment. But experts are finding that you may be trading your health for a better lifestyle by moving into busy cities. They found that poor quality environments can increase your risk for cancer. Researchers went through numerous statistics from many governmental health agencies, including the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the EPA, and tried...

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3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Say You Should Drink Four Cups of Coffee Everyday

It’s 5 A.M. and you’re reluctantly getting up to do your morning exercises before you have to prepare breakfast and drop the kids off at school. Believe it or not, having a cup or two of coffee now instead of during breakfast or before heading out to work can improve your workout. In fact, having another two cups of coffee throughout the day, like during lunch, protects you from chronic illnesses like cancer! Sounds crazy? Well, scientists don’t think so. Drinking coffee gets you more kick from your workouts. Drinking coffee before working out increases your metabolism while you...

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5 Healthier Presents for Mother’s Day

It’s time to show how much you appreciate your mom this Sunday! If you’re still choosing a Mother’s Day present, here are some healthier options. Showing your love for your mom on Mother’s Day means different things for different people. Some treat their moms out to dinner while others simply send flowers through the mail. Other people show their appreciation to the fullest by treating the day just like a birthday – they throw a party and buy their mom a real present. Whether it’s a casual or a special present, here are healthy choices you can give your...

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Experts Say Wearing Sunscreen Lowers Your Vitamin D Production: Here’s What You Should Do

Wearing sunscreen is becoming more important as the ozone layer continues to be depleted and the atmosphere protects you less from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. But now researchers are finding that protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays with sunscreen also blocks the sunlight’s natural ability to cause vitamin D production in your body. Don’t worry – here’s how you can continue helping to prevent developing skin cancer while getting your daily vitamin D. Why Is Vitamin D Important for Your Health? Vitamin D is a critical nutrient your body needs for good bone health, mental health, and disease...

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