Month: May 2017

3 Foods That Can Help Heal Your Broken Heart

Have you just had your heart broken? Try these healing food that have been proven to help you feel better. Everyone gets their heart broken at some point – be it unrequited love, a romantic relationship gone sour, or the betrayal of a platonic friend. Although the passing of time is the only real way a heart can mend, there are foods you can eat that can boost your mood and more. Here are a few you can try for a healthy pick-me-up: 1. Chocolate You might think that chocolate is a sinful snack, but the health benefits of...

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Here’s Some Hope for Lazy Dieters – Research Shows You Don’t Need to Be Fully Committed to Lose Weight

New research finds that fasting regularly on some days, then going back to your normal diet on other days works just as well as the normal weight loss method of being on a calorie-restricted daily diet. Have you been putting off losing weight because you feel it’s too hard to stay on a strict diet for weeks or months? The idea certainly is daunting – it’s easy to go on a diet for a whole day, but if you had to do it every single day for over a month, it just feels like tremendous work and sacrifice. But...

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Can Doctors Finally Perform a Head Transplant?

It’s been talked about endlessly in science fiction and horror novels. But now those plots are finding their way into reality as the world is getting ready to see the very first surgical head transplant. If the procedure succeeds, it could open the doors for permanent cures to virtually every disease that doesn’t affect the head. The first two neurosurgeons who’ll perform a head transplant says the procedure will be scheduled for within 10 months from now. Drs. Sergio Canavero and Xiaoping Ren are the two leading neurosurgeons who’ve developed the novel procedure and will be leading the surgical...

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