Month: September 2017

How Guava Juice Is More Nutritious for You Than These 7 Popular Fruit Juices

Guava juice is healthier than most fruit juices, including apple and orange juice! But sadly, this exotic fruit juice is less known, leading many people to choose less nutritious, more sugary fruit juices over it. Here are a few fruit juices that aren’t as healthy as guava juice. Most people have a glass of fruit juice in the morning – usually orange juice. They think they’re doing their health a favor, which is true. But they don’t realize there are healthier fruit juices out there – like guava juice. Guava juice is actually healthier than many popular fruit juices....

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Can Drinking Guava Juice Help Treat Diabetes Mellitus?

Guava juice is a lesser known healthy food that’s seen as exotic or foreign. But did you know that it grows naturally in the United States? Researchers have also found evidence that adding guava juice to your diabetes mellitus diet can have beneficial effects on your blood sugar levels. How Can You Make Guava Juice? Despite its exotic-sounding name, you can make guava juice the same way as any other fruit juice – by juicing the fruit it comes from. Guava you can buy is usually a green fruit with apple-like characteristics. It has an edible peel that protects...

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