Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – it seems like all major holidays have one thing in common: eating a lot. This is especially true for Halloween, which is more popular for children and young adults. But researchers found that children are at greater risk of getting cavities, which is the most common infection of early childhood.

You don’t have to ruin your kids’ fun. If you take their treats away or tell them to stop eating the cake, you’ll dampen the holiday spirits and have your loved ones spite you. As a good parent, you should be the bad guy if it’s good for them and there’s no other choice. But what if there are ways you could let your kids eat all they want on holidays without endangering their teeth? You’re in luck – here are a few – and the best part is, they’re all about eating yummy foods:


Protect Your Children From Cavities By Feeding Them These Yummy Foods

Cheese! Finally, an excuse to eat pizza. Experts found that eating cheese boosts your saliva’s calcium levels. They found that the more calcium around your teeth, the more they’re protected from cavities. If bacteria start making holes in your kids’ teeth, the calcium around them helps plugs them right up! So have a pizza night or lasagna dinner after you get home with your kids on Halloween. When you’re enjoying the holidays with your family, make sure you give your kids a helpful serving of whatever cheese dish is there. You could also hand your kids some healthy cheese snacks while they’re trick or treating. Most children love eating cheese, so they’ll happily snack on it and you’ll be happy their teeth are being protected. Try pure cheese without any additives, like Igourmet’s high quality pure cheese, because they’re healthier than junk food brands that have sugar or chemicals added.

Raisins. Researchers found that rasins are high in healthy polyphenols and flavonoids, which help fight cavity-causing bacteria. Some dentists disagree. But you can agree that raisins are certainly healthier than sugar-filled junk treats that have not been found to help your teeth at all. A box set of classic Sun Maid Raisins is cheap and in snack-packaging. You can bring some along when you go trick or treating or traveling for the holidays with your children and hand one to them while they’re snacking.

Xylitol lollipops. Dentists found that xylitol actively protects your teeth from cavities. Dr. Shawn Frawley, practicing dentist in Beverly Hills, recommends you eat or chew on xylitol candy three to five times a day if you’re using it for cavity protection. Make sure the candy is sugarless, or it will undo xylitol’s protective effects. You can buy your children sugar-free, xylitol lollipops and happily hand some to them while trick or treating or out with them for the holidays. It’s best to choose xylitol lollipops that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free (like Pro-Sys’s sugarless xylitol lollipops) because they have a very low chance of causing food allergies or contain carcinogens.

Xylitol Chewing Gum. Sugar-free xylitol gum is actually better than other xylitol candies because you’ll be chewing it for longer and you’ll be getting all that xylitol all around your teeth as you chew and chew. Gum also promotes saliva production, which also fights cavities. Although sugarless gum is often yucky, you can buy sugar-free xylitol gum with different fruit flavors, which your kids will more likely find a liking to.

Don’t ruin the fun! Offer your children these cavity-fighting snacks instead, and let them go to town on the holidays’ sugary goodies. It’s only one day, and their childhood only lasts once a lifetime – so if there’s a way to let them have fun without harm, then go for it! Remember to make your children brush their teeth afterwards though – these healthy snacks can’t keep that bad bacteria from growing indefinitely. Brushing your teeth is the best, non-physician required way to really protect yourself from cavities.