Scientists may have found a way to permanently reverse diabetes mellitus type 2. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because the catch is something you probably will find difficult doing. But even if you can’t go through the treatment, there’s still hope – losing weight may also permanently reverse diabetes mellitus type 2.

Doctors have always said that diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition – and your doctor must have given you that speech too. But a UK study may have changed that – researchers reported they were able to completely reverse diabetes mellitus type 2 in patients that followed their very low-calorie diet.

Actually, “starvation protocol” might be the better term to describe their diabetes mellitus cure. That’s because for eight weeks you can only eat 600 calories total everyday. Remember that a single slice of toast and one egg are already around 160 calories combined. But their diet may further constrict you to eating only non-starchy vegetables and liquid diet drinks – so no solid foods, like toast, at all!

Does the starvation protocol really cure diabetes mellitus type 2? All diabetes mellitus patients who participated in the study were cured – that means the cure has a 100 percent success rate. But after 90 days, about 36 percent of the participants regressed and developed diabetes mellitus type 2 again – all participants were advised to eat a healthier diet after the study, but some regressed back to their normal eating habits.

How Weight Loss Can Affect Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

The starvation protocol is extreme, and the researchers strongly advise anyone who’s thinking about undergoing it to seek the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner. But when pressed about the diet, lead researcher Professor Roy Talor says that what’s important is the 600-calorie limitation and not the liquids and veggies component.

He also says that bariatric surgery can also reverse diabetes mellitus type 2. This may mean that the key to reversing diabetes mellitus type 2 is losing weight.

It does make sense – if you’re on a 600-calorie diet for two months, you’re going to lose a significant amount of weight. But also, Harvard says that 90 percent of diabetes mellitus patients are overweight. By losing weight until you’re at a normal body mass index, you may have a 90 percent chance of reversing your diabetes mellitus. What are the chances that you’d end up in the 10 percent percentile of diabetes mellitus patients who are normal weight?

If you lose weight, there’s no downside. At best you’ll have reversed your diabetes mellitus, and if not, then you’ll be healthier and lower your risk for many chronic diseases, like cardiovascular problems.

A Few Easy Changes That Lead to Weight Loss

If eating less isn’t easy for you, there are other ways you can shed a few pounds:

Exercise more. If you spend an hour a day doing moderate exercise, you’ll lose at least a pound per week. Of course, you need to make sure you’re eating the same or less. It’s simple math – you’re burning more calories per day without taking in more. A brisk jog outside or joining a karate class can help you meet this requirement. You can do fun things too – like play football, basketball, or any other high-activity sport. Dancing to pop music for an hour is great too – you can enjoy your favorite songs while burning carbs.

Include more fiber into your diet. Fiber does wonders for your appetite and blood sugar level control. It keeps you feeling full and can help you eat less. If you include more fiber in your diet, you may find that you’re eating less because you’re not as hungry. Fiber also prevents sugar from being absorbed into your bloodstream all at once, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes and that helps treat diabetes mellitus.

Walk to the grocery, take the stairs, park further away. You can also boost your daily carb burn by changing a few of your daily habits. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of driving to the grocery store, walk there – it will save you fuel costs and help you get more vitamin D from the sun exposure while you’re burning carbs. Park further away from work or places you drive to – this makes you walk a longer distance and burn more carbs.

Drink a solution of vinegar before eating. Drinking water or a vinegar solution before a meal helps sate your hunger. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of water and enjoy. Vinegar has appetite-suppressing effects, which means you’re more likely to eat less during your meal. But vinegar also lowers your blood sugar levels by up to 33 percent – so it also helps treat diabetes mellitus.

Feel empowered that you can reverse your diabetes mellitus type 2 – all it takes is a lot of sacrifice for eight weeks. If you think you can’t handle that, try losing weight and getting back to a normal BMI – you’ll most likely also reverse your condition because it seems as though diabetes mellitus type 2 largely affects overweight and obese people.