It’s been talked about endlessly in science fiction and horror novels. But now those plots are finding their way into reality as the world is getting ready to see the very first surgical head transplant. If the procedure succeeds, it could open the doors for permanent cures to virtually every disease that doesn’t affect the head.

The first two neurosurgeons who’ll perform a head transplant says the procedure will be scheduled for within 10 months from now. Drs. Sergio Canavero and Xiaoping Ren are the two leading neurosurgeons who’ve developed the novel procedure and will be leading the surgical team in China. They picked China as the location for the controversial procedure because there are more accessible body donors.

But the procedure has been widely criticized by experts in their field whose main concern is that Canavero and Ren haven’t revealed any specific convincing evidence showing they can actually successfully perform a head transplant. But that’s because their detailed research is currently being reviewed by various journals, and they aren’t planning on revealing anything until their works are published in these journals.

Dr. Michael Sarr, editor of the journal Surgery, is one of the few experts reviewing their research papers. He states that from the evidence he’s reviewed, he believes their head transplant procedure has a 98 percent chance of success.

In China, they’re legally allowed to perform the procedure. The only thing holding it up is the peer review of their research. Once their papers are published in recognized scientific journals, they can move forward and schedule the very first head transplant surgery.

A Potential Cure-all

If a head transplant becomes possible, almost every disease becomes 100 percent curable. Any cancer that hasn’t spread to the head area can be cured if you replace everything under your head. War veterans and victims of flesh-eating bacteria can get new bodies without amputated arms. Heart disease, liver and kidney failure, and any other organ system problem can be 100 percent treated when you’re given a new body.

Any incurable viral, bacterial, and fungal infection that stays isolated within a certain area in the body can also be completely treated.

It also opens the door for real sex change surgeries. If a male receives the body of a female, he’ll be able to bear children and have natural female processes. The same holds true if a female receives a male body.

Hopefully these two revolutionary surgeons and their talented surgical team can pull off this highly anticipated head transplant surgical procedure. It’s definitely worth rooting for!