The current state of healthcare is tumultuous with the new presidential administration still battling with the other governmental branches on health insurance regulations. If you’ve gotten caught up in the crossfire and find yourself uninsured, here’s how you can get your diabetes mellitus medical care at a lower cost.

Obamacare has been repealed in some states, and still an uncertainty in others. The battle has only led to an increase in health insurance premiums and medical care costs. If you have diabetes mellitus and require insulin therapy to manage your blood sugar levels, you know how important health insurance is because it seems like your life depends on your doctor’s prescriptions. But did you know you can buy insulin without a prescription, and at a lower cost?

It’s true, and it’s great news if Trump’s healthcare reform has caused you to become uninsured, but it’s not without its dangers. Here’s a little bit on how to buy insulin without a prescription safely:

Can You Really Buy Insulin Without a Prescription Legally?

Is it really possible to buy insulin without a prescription without getting into legal trouble? Most doctors don’t even know this, but yes it’s been possible for decades. In fact, 15 percent of Americans who buy insulin get it without a prescription. Both the FDA and the American Medical Association (AMA) allow this because they rationalize that insulin access should be open in the case of emergencies when diabetes mellitus patients need to buy insulin for immediate blood sugar control and don’t have the time to ask their doctor for a prescription.

But of course these products are over-the-counter for a reason. They’re not super-concentrated, which means they won’t provide the same all-day coverage as some newer basal insulin prescription brands. The two most popular manufacturers you can buy insulin without a prescription from are Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. But both use older formulas that aren’t as efficient as their newer prescription insulins. They take much longer for your body to metabolize them, which means they won’t offer prompt blood sugar level control.

And chances are, you can’t buy insulin over-the-counter with the dosage you require.

But if none of these difficulties pose risks to you, then you’ll be happy to know that if you buy insulin over-the-counter brands, they’re probably within the $25 range, which is considerably cheaper than your usual prescription.

Get Trained to Prepare Your Own Insulin Dose

If you don’t know how to prepare the proper concentration of insulin for your dose, then it’s dangerous to buy insulin over-the-counter if the limited brands don’t offer your dosage requirements. If your dose isn’t strong enough, your blood sugar levels may be elevated enough that long-term use of over-the-counter insulin can lead to nerve, eye, and kidney damage. If your dose is too strong, it can lead to low blood sugar levels – which can present as uncomfortable symptoms, like cramping and weakness.

Improper doses administered at inappropriate intervals can lead to huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which can only harm your body in the long term.

But the good news is you can get trained to prepare your own insulin dose for an inexpensive fee or even for free. For example, in the U.K. there’s the DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) program that’s a 5-day course where licensed experts train you to calculate the glycemic contents of your meal and prepare a suitable insulin dose to manage it. Researchers found that diabetes mellitus patients who underwent the DAFNE program ended up with about 8.4 percent better blood sugar level control than those who didn’t.

Ask your doctor or a licensed health professional about where you can go to get trained to prepare your own insulin dose.

How to Get Insulin Syringes for Free

Now that you’re more or less ready to buy insulin without a prescription, there’s still the issue of where to buy insulin syringes. The good news is that in some states you don’t need a prescription to buy insulin syringes – like Kentucky and Washington.

But you can also buy insulin syringes without spending any money at all! It might not be the humblest feeling – but drug abuse disease transmission prevention programs offer free needles and syringes to people at partner hospitals and clinics. In the U.K., there are mobile and fixed delivery systems where suppliers give out free needles and syringes at popular sites and healthcare facilities. Some of these even make home deliveries!

There are also specialized vending machines you can buy insulin syringes from, which offer a discounted price for the deterrent of drug abuse-transmitted diseases.

These programs are active in over 150 countries, including the U.S.. Chances are you’ll find free syringes and needles close to where you live.

You Can Also Get Help From Diabetes Mellitus Assistance Programs

If you’d rather buy insulin that’s specific to your dosage requirements, you can apply for diabetes mellitus assistance programs that offer discounted prescription insulin if you’re approved. For example, if you’re uninsured, BD Medical offers its BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringes if you’re financially disadvantaged. If you have diabetes mellitus type 1, you can also apply for the ACT1 Supply Exchange Program where you may buy insulin and other diabetes mellitus supplies at lower prices.

If you live in New Jersey, the Diabetes Foundation, Inc. offers temporary prescription insulin and other diabetes mellitus supplies to financially disadvantaged diabetes mellitus patients. But it’s only temporary – you have to show that you’re working on a long-term solution for your diabetes mellitus medical care.

There are also prescription assistance programs in every state that can help you buy insulin at the dosages you require. For example, Pennsylvania offers the PA Free Prescription Drug Card that offers up to 75 percent off specific insulin pumps and other supplies. You should inquire with your local hospital or pharmacy for information on these prescription assistance programs.

Now that you’re a bit more informed on how to buy insulin without a prescription, you can begin to manage your diabetes mellitus without having to rely on health insurance. With the proper training and research, you should be able to competently keep your blood sugar levels under control at all times. But keep in mind that nothing can replace a doctor’s proper supervision and the accurate efficacy of prescription insulin. In the long run, it’s healthier to see your doctor and be on his prescribed diabetes mellitus medications.